Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can’t Do It…..but yet I do

As Rev Posted today, the SEC is going through one of the greatest periods of athletics of any conference in history. Without question, the shift of power has moved southeast. Granted we don’t have the 250 sports that each PAC 10, 11, or 12 school has but the SEC is becoming a powerhouse in almost everything we try.

I’m using “we” very generously. Which brings me to the point of the post, how do you feel when a fierce rival from our conference wins a national title. Part of me feels pride in the fact that we are playing the best every year and if we win, it means we earned it. The other part HATES every ounce of it. The whole mentality of take my ball and go home comes to mind. If we can’t win, I sure don’t want someone I dislike to win.

The ultimate lesser of two evils debate played itself out over the last two nights. UF and USC played in the finals of the CWS. Yes, the same CWS that we should have won for the 2nd time just 3 years ago. This was a HUGE no-win situation for me. I mean how can I cheer for UF in anything. Not to mention that if they win a baseball title, they would become one of only a very select few schools to have won national titles in all three major sports and the only SEC school (this is from self research from years ago, so I might not be 100% on this, but pretty sure it still holds true). On the other hand, USC had never won anything until last year’s baseball title. While I really liked the idea of us and LSU being the only SEC schools with baseball titles, I was okay with USC winning last year because it only meant they tied us. Which of course means that this year’s title gives them 2 to our 1. Although it is hard for me to accept that the Chickens are better than us in anything, this was the lesser evil that I choose last night. [side bar: we really need an upgraded baseball stadium, the better SEC teams have really stepped it up]

This is of course way more prevalent in recent football title games where we have to choose between SEC and someone else. I don’t really have issues with Bama or LSU, so I’m all in for SEC in those games. BUT when it’s Florida, Auburn, or even Tennessee years back, I have a very difficult time cheering for them. I usually start out against them and turn right around kick-off and end up mildly cheering for the SEC.

So please college sports gods, stop putting me in this position. Is it really asking too much to just not have the 10ish schools that I loathe not playing for titles to start with.

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