Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do You Believe in Mark Richt?

This has been on my mind since the end of last season and has resurfaced given what's going on at Ohio State (giggle) & USC (shocker!) and I thought I'd put up a little sumptin' sumptin' after Rev's post on the subject: do you believe in Mark Richt? Do you believe he is the guy to return us to glory? Here are my thoughts:

  1. I believe in Mark Richt's values and the fact he's going to do the right thing for his team. We won't be going thru anything remotely similar to OSUCKS & USCUM (sorry, couldn't resist) as long as he's at the helm. It took him waaaay too long to shake up his staff, but at least he did it. I know it can't be easy to fire people, especially your best man in your wedding, but he's paid handsomly to do the right thing concerning the staff and the roster, so I don't feel too much sympathy in that regard. It goes with the job. From what I'm gathering from speaking engagements (his edge and how he verbally bitch slapped the immortal Ealey at every stop), he knows what the hell he's doing, OK?

  2. It's been said numerous times that the CEO that gets a company in the ditch normally won't be the one driving it out, but will he be the exception to the rule given the wholesale changes he's made?

  3. The fact that 3 of the greatest (some would just call them the most talented) players in Bulldog history (Stafford, Moreno, & Green) came thru here without ever playing for the SEC championship is unnerving. The staff changes have been made, so maybe the next wave of studs (Murray, Crowell?, Jenkins?, & Drew?) will get us there.

  4. Doing things the right way won't always get you the glory and the accolades, but how in the name of Allah can a guy like Mark Richt NOT finish first? How can he NOT lead a team to the BCS championship? We're delving dangerously close to religion here and I can hear the "choir boy" chants already, so I'll stop.

  5. We're seeing Spurrier stick with the 2nd coming of Kenny Stabler because he gives them the best chance to win (we've REALLY got to beat that ass now). We saw AU go all in with Scam Newton (USC 2.0) and win the whole shebang. The point I'm getting at is Richt cut a gun-slinging QB (Mettenberger) due to his indescretions, regardless of the fact that the boys mama worked in the AD office and our leading rusher because he's a selfish bonehead. There aren't too many coaches that would do that. I damn sure know Urban Meyer wouldn't. You're a bad guy, Urban, and it is a big deal.

In closing, I want Mark Richt to be the guy that gets us back to glory. I want to believe that he will be the guy. If he's not, we went all in on a great guy that just couldn't get it done. No shame in that.


Reverend Whitewall said...

I'd say my belief level in him is at about 65%. After the UCF Bowl game, I freely admit it was 0%, I was ready for a change right then and there - I guess that's why they say it's best not to make rash decisions. The best way to describe my feelings is probably more hopeful than optimistic, but I do WANT to believe!

Reeder3:16 said...

I absolutely believe in him as a man. I believe he is a man of his word. I only wonder if he has that drive and killer instinct to take us back where we were headed in the early part of his be the SEC champion and beyond

aBulluck said...

Great article. I have always gone back and forth about Richt, but I was only focusing on the on-field piece. I forget what a standup guy he is off the field and how good of a job he is doing keeping the program in line (which is tough).

My main gripe with Richt is his lack of discipline on the field. He gets that under control and a lot of other things will fall into place.

I guess I want it all though. Coach K's graduation rate, Lou Holz's on the field control, Spurriers unpredictable play calling, Bobby Knights intensity with Barry Switzers demeaner.

You get my drift...