Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday

Greetings, all. The Reverend axed me if I'd consider doing a Friday column that focused on the entertainment side of life, i.e. new movies, music, TV, whiskey, etc. Being that I am a noted connoisseur of those guilty pleasures, here goes nothing...or something, depending on your perception.

I am a big (B I G) movie fan, but those trips have been few and far between the past couple of years. My wife could care less about going to the movies anymore and since we've had our 2 kids, the solo trips for me have been dwindling faster than Mr. Weiner's followers on Twitter.

However, I have been taking up any and all opportunities to take my kids to the kid-friendly flicks since they are both of age (she is 5 and he is 3, although sometimes he acts like he's 3 months...but it is what it is). While Disney, PIXAR, etc. flicks can be entertaining, they can also be mind numbing. Luckily, my son is a HUGE superhero fan. This summer has a nice spate of comic book adaptations to drool over: X-Men: First Class (one of the best origin stories I've ever seen), Green Lantern, Thor (eye-popping effects and sets things up nicely for next summer's The Avengers movie), and Captain America: The First Avenger. For my annual Father's Day trip to the theater, we'll be partaking of Green Lantern. It looks more like eye candy (special effects for the men and Ryan Reynolds for the ladies...and a few men) than anything else, but I'm looking forward to it.

As this particular feature is in it's infancy, I'll be previewing movies I want to see and once I see it, I'll post a brief (for me) review about it.

Having said that, I saw The Hangover 2 a couple of weeks ago. It's definitely worth seeing, but can't touch the original. That's not necessarily a bad thing since the original, IMHO, is a re-watchable classic. (Speaking of, I term a movie re-watchable if it meets 2 points of criteria: you have to purchase it once it comes out and when you run across it on one of the movie channels, you can't turn the channel for any reason whatsoever. The #1 movie with re-watchability for me is GoodFellas. Good God, I love that movie.) So, if you have time to go see it, go see it. It's definitely worth it.

On the rental front, we've been tearing those up as of late for the reasons I stated above. The last few of note were True Grit (good, but Jeff Bridges' mumbling became tedious after a while); The Rite (a special effects-driven exorcism flick that we've seen 1000 times); The Company Men (really, really good movie about corporate greed and the after-effects of layoffs during the economic downturn); Hall Pass (forgettable, but has once signature Farrelly Brothers scene that had me howling); Blue Valentine (if I had been listening to Vince Gill while watching it, the Rev, SimpleMan & Reeder 3:16 would have been posting about being my pallbearers; downer from hell). That's all of the rentals for now. I'll post about some more next week.

As for music, I have 2 tastes: traditional country (not the cousin-fornicating kind from the 50's & 60's, but the 80's & 90's style; I abhor the new country style) and southern rock, which I don't think is even recorded anymore unless you count Zac Brown Band as southern rock, and I do. Anything George Strait does is pure gold and his new single "Here For a Good Time" is another winner. That pretty much means that I won't be reviewing anything much on the music front unless it's his or Corey Smith's...and speaking of Mr. Smith, his new album/CD/download releases 6/21. I'll be reviewing that one next week, then.

As for whiskey, I am a Jack Daniel's man. While not brand new, their relatively new brand Jack Honey is phenomenal. Smooth enough to drink straight, but near perfection mixed w/ Ginger Ale. Rev has asked me to not post on here while under the influence of said drinks, but I will violate the hell out of that request if the Dawgs open the season 0-2...and I have a feeling I won't be the only one venting under the influence.

That's all for now, readers. TGIF and enjoy your weekend.

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Reeder3:16 said...

saw True Grit this weekend....good story although I thought it was very slow at times. J Bridges mumbling also became tiresome to me as well.

As for the JD honey---I have a bottle with your name on it. JD shouldn't have tried to mess with perfection.