Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Murray’s 2nd and Murray’s #1

Going back to my traditional stance on things, I really like the fact that we still run a pro-style offense and actually trust our QB enough to make some reads and our offense doesn’t have to act like 12 year olds looking over to the coach every 5 seconds. Of course if we change to a spread and win a championship, this post will get deleted.

It got me thinking about our QB’s and maybe what to expect this coming season. It’s hard to see some of the numbers these other schools are putting up on offense and the QB position and not be a little disappointed that we haven’t had that one year of just sick stats.

Here are some interesting numbers of the bigger named QB’s CMR has coached over the years. I’m mainly looking at how they progress from year 1 to year 2.





For comparison sake, AM’s first year

If he improves on those numbers, it could be a huge year for him (prediction). Of course, he doesn’t have AJ for half a season and the running game is unknown. And I still think our play calling has a lot of room for improvement……..and no, I’m not smarter than CMR or Bobo but I understand football.

I would just like to see our red zone offense improve (Field Goal U) and see a few new plays added each year and even between games. I’m pretty sure if I know what play is coming next, so does the defense. I mean we have our QB do one pump fake a year and it works, maybe we try it a couple more times. And why does everyone else seem to run a successful wheel route. A really good team always seems to have that “go to” call on short yardage and I don’t think the FB dive is the best option for us.

(Quick play side note: I’ve never understood why a team doesn’t prepare for a late game short yardage quick snap. So if it’s 3rd and 7 and you get 6, the ball gets set and the QB yells something like fire and everyone runs up for a quick QB sneak. No way a defense would be set for that. It just seems like a common situation that I never see anyone try. Maybe at least get the D to burn a TO)

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