Saturday, June 25, 2011

Offbeat News Week In Review

This was actually a pretty slow week as far as news in college football, but here's a little roundup of some off-the-beaten-path things you might have missed:

  • Derek Dooley gives a nice surprise to a couple of kids who have worked hard.  This is something coaches do on a pretty regular basis, but I still like reading these kinds of stories, even if it is with the Vols.
  • A guy with disciplinary issues looking to transfer to Miami.  If you saw the "30 for 30" ESPN special on Miami, that will seem entirely appropriate.
  • George O'Leary experiences a different type of hotseat.  Really sad story, with a fair amount of "he said, she said".
  • If you thought "emerging from an alley" was offensive, don't read this article about the parking habits of UNC football players.  Seriously, Greg Little........93 parking tickets under 9 different license plates?  
  • For a program claiming they did nothing wrong, I find it interesting that Oregon has gone and hired the guy who is always hired when a program has done something wrong.
Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend.


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