Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pay to Play

So with USC and OSU jumping in the cookie jar full body, the age old question of how should college athletes be "compensated" comes up. This seems a lot like many political issues of today in that there just may not be a good solution. The one thing I think we can all agree on is that major college football/basketball is NOT in any way about academics.

The schools use the kids to make millions and the kids use the schools to do nothing for a few more years. If you take out the few players that play for money as a professional and the few on scholarship that get a real education, you are left with the majority of them that don't belong in college in the first place.

You can't say that it's about education and then push 75% of the players into the easiest unusable majors that a school offers. If a player is starting to dip below academic eligibility, everyone starts to look at changing majors or classes that allow them to stay eligible for one more season. These schools pay coaches millions of dollars and pay academic support staff thousands, priorities are obvious. We can't have a football playoff because of missing classes, but we can add more basketball tournament games.

Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with the way it actually works. My issue is how the NCAA and schools talk to us like we aren't smart enough to follow motives. We have to find a way to meet in the middle, players need to get some form of cash but it has to be managed, tracked, and evaluated. They can't just sell merchandise to random 3rd parties, but I do like the idea of selling autographs, jerseys, and such with a standard level of pricing through a school.



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