Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recruiting Uga

While shopping for a Chevy truck the other night, the salesman was doing his usual verbal foreplay in the hopes I'd take the bait for his overpriced item. He noticed my class ring (whether its when I flipped him off, I cannot say) and we got onto the subject of UGA. He said that Chevrolet is negotiating with the Seilers and making Uga their spokesdawg. I reminded him that Richt endorses Ford and he was told that wouldn't be a problem because (allegedly) all that Sonny Seiler wants in return is a new Suburban every 2 years for the life of the deal.

A rough draft of the commercial to be aired, should they come to an agreement, is like this:

Uga is walking thru a parking lot and stops in front of a Toyota truck with a UT tag on the front. He proceeds to pee on the tire.

He then comes to a Ford truck with an Gator tag on the front. He then pees on the tire.

Next, he passes a Chevy truck with a GA Tech tag on the front. He goes to the tire, stops, then looks at the camera.

The next shot shows him driving off in a Chevy and a voiceover says, "I guess some people do learn."

Sounds great and it be more good exposure around the area, but I just hope the new Uga is a bit more lively than the last couple of them (R.I.P. Damn Good Dawgs!) were.

I did, however, tell the man I hoped to see a deleted scene of Uga defecating on the hood of the Gator tag-sporting F150, followed by Uga blurting out, "IF YA SMELL WHAT UGA IS COOKIN'!"

Awkward silence followed and no sale was made...yet.

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