Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strength & Conditioning Gets Stronger

Tony Gilbert is back with the Red & Black:

Gilbert becomes the sixth full-time member of the ever-expanding strength staff. He joins director Joe Tereshinski, John Kasay Sr., Keith Gray, Thomas Brown and Rex Bradberry. Also assisting in the weight room as they attend classes at UGA are NFL veterans Kendrell Bell and Verron Haynes. All but Gray and Bradberry are Georgia football lettermen.

T. Kyle King makes the point that maybe so many in-house hires isn't a good thing, which is an understandable viewpoint. Sometimes you need some fresh blood to shake things up. But I loved Gilbert as a player. He was not the most physically gifted linebacker we've had, but nobody outworked him, and that's the mentality that we need now.

PWD also touches on the need for an outsider's perspective, and neatly summarizes the recent deficiencies in the program.

What I am definitely excited about is the commitment that the program is making to the Strength & Conditioning program. It does, however, beg the question....yeah, but what took so long? There's been way too much drag-assing the last few years, for lack of a better term. But as LC said a couple of weeks ago, at least Richt has made the needed changes now, even if it took him forever to get there. I'm not quite as optimistic as LC is about the upcoming season, but I do share the sentiment that we are at least back on the right track. And I like bringing in guys like Gilbert, he will earn the respect of the players quickly and be able to assist Coach T. in teaching the guys what it takes in the offseason to be successful during the season.


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LCUGA said...

Its going to take a lot of things falling into play just right: staying healthy, the new guys contributing in a positive manner, the S&C program getting us to where we need to be, etc. That's the basis of my optimism & it is going to boil down to a lot of luck. Take a look at the last 5 champions. They all had visits from Lady Luck. Why not us? We shall see.