Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday For You, Friday For Me

I'm going to do the Friday Special today instead of tomorrow because today is technically my Friday and I'll be on vaycay for the weekend (and really because Rev doesn't want me drinking & posting. Those PUIs are hell to defend in front of the probate judge).

Anyway, I did end up seeing Green Lantern last weekend. It was...well, eh. It was OK. Good effects, but let's face it: Green Lantern is a lame superhero. He doesn't have the gravitas (big word for all you Alabama readers) of Batman, Superman, etc., but he does have some nifty powers. That being said, he's more of a Robin. I paid $7.50 to see a Robin movie and this saddens me.

On the rental front, I saw The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon flick) & Cedar Rapids (starring Ed Helms from The Office). AB is a good movie. I generally despise all sci-fi flicks, but this one was done really well and Emily Blunt was an enticing piece of eye candy to enjoy, also. As for CR, the best parts are in the previews, but it's still a good movie. Ed Helms spends way too much time in his tighty whities for my taste, but the always stellar John C. Reilly made this one a winner for me. He's in his tighty whities too much, too, but I forgive him.

On the music front, I checked out Corey Smith's new album release "The Broken Record" when it came out this past Tuesday. It's good, but you can tell he's trying to make a studio album and not going for what brought him to the dance. Can't say I blame him, but the edginess is gone. He's the new version of Pat Green. Pat Green was the Texas version of Corey Smith, but he took his act to country radio and they changed him to a girly man. His stuff is just run of the mill now. I hope Mr. Smith isn't on that same path, but it looks like he's headed that way as he is now classified as "country" and was at the CMT Music Festival (I wonder if he ran into Kenny Chesney after that musical bitch slap he put on him a few years ago with "If That's Country I'll Kiss Your Ass"). Anyway, the album is good, but it contains a lot of retreads such as "Twenty One" (really good as he re-wrote the ending as a man in his mid-30's and not some twentysomething single man), "If I Could Do It Again", "Carolina", "Maybe Next Year' (a bit cleaner...see where we're headed?), "Something To Lose", and "Backroad" (a.k.a the road head song; I can't believe it made it on the album). I didn't really care for the new songs on there, but did download the title track onto my iPod. It's really good. Anyway, if you want to check out what he's been going through as he's trying to go mainstream, visit his website as he goes into a lot of detail about the struggle to get there.

There's nothing worth a poo on TV right now since the NBA playoffs are over and I loathe summertime reality TV. Well, that's not entirely true as, full disclosure here, I was sitting in the den last year while my wife was watching some train wreck called The Real Housewives of New Jersey and I absolutely could not turn away...for the rest of the season. I've taken a gander at the other versions, but they aren't good. This one is just like watching the women of The Sopranos go at it for an hour. It's fantastic. Judge me if you want, hate me if you must, I don't care.

Enjoy your weekend, fellow readers. Onward & upward.


Reverend Whitewall said...

I had not really seen many previews, and was expecting The Adjustment Bureau to be much more Matrix-style, but agree that overall, it was an enjoyable movie. Enjoy your long weekend!

SimpleMan98 said...

Harsh REBUTT, I have to say that Burn Notice and White Collar on USA are great summer shows (or anytime for that matter). Also Leverage on TNT isn't too bad either. Cable actually makes some decent TV these days.