Tuesday, June 7, 2011


By now, everyone has heard about the BCS taking away USC's 2004 championship. This brings up the question, who cares. The NCAA and BCS are the biggest jokes in sports, even more than FIFA or the IOC:
"The IOC and FIFA have learnt a great deal from each other," he said, also noting their collaboration within the Olympic Movement on "a number of important issues around the world all for the betterment of sport".

Will any of us forget that USC destroyed Oklahoma in the championship or that Auburn was an undefeated SEC team that didn't get a chance to play for a title. I'll leave the playoff discussion for another day (I will go off for hours).

In the same situation, would you be okay with your school winning a title with "ineligible" players and having said title revoked years later. Would you be ashamed or still proud. Would you try to justify it somehow. I honestly don't think I would care, 20 years from now, I think people will remember the title more than the scandal.

It will be interesting listening to Auburn people talk about how they should be awarded the 2004 title now in the same sentence they defend Cam as being eligible. Can't we all agree that Auburn will be going through this exact same thing in the next 5-8 years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Herschel got paid but I don't really care, we won a title and should have won 2 others. Look in mirror and join me saying, "win a title at all cost".........hey, I'm just being honest.

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Reverend Whitewall said...

I always love your bright outlook on life. :)

It's a valid point though. From a fan's perspective, regardless of what the record books say, they still got to live in that moment, got to experience what it feels like for your team to win on the biggest stage. There's nothing the NCAA or BCS can do to take that experience away.

I'll tell you what really chaps my hide though --- Auburn, who has no more resources than us, and arguably less of a recruiting base than us (though our bases overlap a lot), has gone undefeated twice in the past 7 years, and 3 times since 1993 (counting their 1993 probation year). We haven't done it in 30 years. There's just something wrong with that.