Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome, LC!

You'll find that SimpleMan and I tend to be pretty level-headed, even-keeled folks. Which is great in a lot of situations, but also can lead to boredom in others. To offset that, we've brought in our buddy LC. Here's the things you need to know about LC:

- His two heroes in life are Ric Flair (well known wrestler, for those of you who live under a rock) and Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy, well known writer on ESPN). So you can expect lengthy, aimless diatribes full of energy and rasslin' catch phrases.

-For some reason he's a huge Hawks and NBA fan, though I have forbidden him from posting about the NBA. However, he made me agree to rescind this rule temporarily if the Hawks ever manage to dump Joe Johnson's contract.

-He has a gigantic man crush on Todd Grantham. And I mean GIGANTIC.

-He's entertaining as all get out.

Welcome to the blog, LC. Now just keep it family friendly.


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