Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcoming Myself Aboard

Hello, readers. You know who you are.
I was welcomed to this burgeoning blog by Reverend Whitewall and am eager to get started.
A little something about myself: like the Reverend & Simple Man, I am an UGA alumnus (I met those 2 boys there, Simple Man was my roommate during one glorious stretch). I love the Dawgs and they test my sanity & mettle game in & game out, year in & year out.
I have a seething, unabashed hate for all things Georgia Tech. I hate them worse than Florida (Corch Muschamp, you're dead to me until you go back to Texas). It's not as much fun to hate Tennessee anymore, but I do it anyway out of principle. I have a massive man-crush on Coach Grantham. His choke sign gesture to that jorted kicker last year was priceless. He can do no wrong in my eyes going forward.
I am a big NBA fan, but was told it was not allowed on here. Fine.
I like me some Old No. 7, but was also told not to mix typing with pleasure. Fine.
Why is it I agreed to do this? Oh, yeah...this blog will come alive this fall. Big things are in store for the Dawgs, but are they of the positive or negative variety? Time will tell.
I look forward to having each of you read my diatribes.


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SimpleMan98 said...

welcome aboard Breman Bulldog