Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Friday

Word. This time next week, I will be able to put something delightful in regards to the start of practice or be in full-on panic mode because a starting OL got his leg destroyed or Nick Fairley got off the short bus and drilled Murray from behind in full stride as Trooper Taylor did the Dougie from the sidelines, putting him out until mid-October.

Either way, we'll finally be able to talk some Bulldawg feetball in the context as to what's going on because the start to the season will be just one month away.

In the meantime, I recently saw the best movie of the summer (and the best I've seen in a while) in Captain America: The First Avenger. Really good stuff. I took my kids and they absolutely ate it up. We were all riveted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have Cowboys & Aliens on my radar for this weekend, time permitting.

On the music front, I strongly suggest you check out Eric Church's new release, Chief. (No, I'm not calling you chief; that's the name of the CD/album/download/etc.)

My favorite track on there is "Jack Daniel's (Kicked My Ass Again Last Night)"...which is in no way related to last weekend's lake trip, but is fitting.

On the food front, I survived the Hardee's taco salad for lunch. I'm having Cajun for dinner, so I might be flying thru the clouds over the southeast tomorrow frantically putting away some Zantac.

Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend no matter what you do. I plan on kicking some more tires and getting my ego stroked by worn down men in cheap ties.

Onward & upward.

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