Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Frivolities

I don't know how many of you watch Comedy Central's stellar roasts, but the newest victim will be none other than Charlie Sheen on September 19th...the same night as the season premiere of Two and a Half Men...where they kill off Sheen's character and replace him w/ Ashton Kutcher (whom I loathe for some reason).

I'm not a regular viewer of the show, but I do enjoy catching the syndicated re-runs.

As for the roast, I will be glued to my set that night. The last few victims (Donald Trump, Flavor Flav, The Hoff, etc.) got absolutely shredded. Greg Giraldo would light the place on fire if he were around for this one. R.I.P., you legend.

Sheen better be ready. I hope they give him an extra dose of hell not because he's a train wreck, but he visited the North Avenue Trade School for batting practice. Loser.

For those of you that give a damn, South Carolina is still expected to win both the SEC & BCS their fan base.

Beer sales are going to be allowed for the first half of the opener vs. the Raging Potatoes of Boise State. Michael Adams needs to be shown on the big screen in the Dome as the PA system blares at halftime "NO MORE ALCOHOL WILL BE SOLD; ENJOY THE 2nd HALF" and follow it up with Cee Lo Green's "F You". That would be funny.
I remember when Simple Man attended the 2006 Sugar Bowl vs. West Virginia, he texted me the following just before halftime: At least they're selling beer.
I hope I'm not texting him that in just a few weeks.

Damon Evans has been hired as a consultant for Victoria's Secret, I mean, Savannah State's athletic department. Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse. Dammit, boy.

Very little to report on the movie front. I heard Transformers: Dark of the Moon was really good and made up for the steaming pile of poo that was part 2, but at a running time of 2:30, I have been advised to not drink anything 30 minutes prior to viewing...or take anyone with a short attention span. In other words, I'll be viewing this one alone.

I recently ventured to Taco Bell to try out their new grilled stuffed mega burrito (if you haven't already figured it out, you will, but I am usually the first one in line for fast food gimmicks) and was not disappointed in the taste nor the sloppiness of the presentation. For those of you that enjoy the delicacy that is Taco Bell, the food items never look like what's on the pictures accompanying the menu. The future criminal that prepared my burrito took the time to toss in the random insertions in order and not spread them throughout the flour wrap of goodness. It looked like a Starburst package. I didn't complain, only laughed about a friend of mine recounting a visit to a local Taco Bell where he was not pleased with the presentation of his food. After his wife brought the tray to the table, he looked at his Nachos Bell Grande, looked up at the picture on the menu, and saw a great disparity. He took it back up to the counter and told the scowling cashier, "I want this to look like that." She smacked her gum, slowly glanced up at the picture, back down at his plate and said, "It do." He said, "It do not." She yelled, "Yeah it do!" and the preparer yelled something at him. He then picked up the plate and smashed it against the wall and said, "I'll take my money back, then." Now, the adult in me says that's not the thing to do. Yet, the consumer in me wants to do that every so often due to jackass cashiers, waiters/waitresses, etc. I'm laughing right now just picturing that.

On that note, enjoy your Friday and your Nachos Bell Grande should you choose to have that as your dinner this evening.

Onward & upward.

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