Friday, July 22, 2011

Hold On, Don't Throw Out The Kool Aid Just Yet

Just when I had officially put my Preseason UGA Hype Kool Aid away, and had it sitting out by the side of the road ready for the trash pickup, Aaron Murray and Brandon Boykin bust through my brick wall of defense mechanisms:

On Malcolm Mitchell:

"He's just really versatile, fast, long and smooth," Boykin said. "He has long arms. I remember one day when Aaron threw a post across the middle and he kind of snagged it, kind of like A.J. (Green) in the (2009) South Carolina game. Well, not like A.J., but it was kind of similar."
Said Murray: "He ran a post pattern and split our starting safety and one of our starting corners. (Safety) Shawn Williams came up to me afterwards and said, 'I've never seen someone with that kind of speed before.' "
Both Boykin and Murray used the word "special" to describe Mitchell in separate interviews.
Murray said that Mitchell "could start for anyone in the country right now."

On the Dream Team recruits:
Murray said the "Dream Team" recruiting class is living up to the hype. "There's a good seven or eight of them that can start right now, that are ready to play right now, that are definitely going to contribute and help this team win," Murray said. 

Must......resist......optimism...........Been.........burned........too.......many......times............ah, what the hell, I plan on drinking a lot of other liquids this weekend anyway, might as well pass the Kool Aid back over this way too.  Only a small glass though, I have to drive later, and that Hype Kool Aid can be lethal.


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