Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When The Master Becomes The Student

I typically reserve my most enthusiastic moments of Schadenfreude for Georgia Tech related miseries, but living in South Carolina and being surrounded by 'Cock fans, I can indulge some in their miseries as well:
University of South Carolina Quarterbacks Coach G.A. Mangus was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with nuisance conduct.
According to police, Mangus, 42, was arrested after he was found urinating on the street near Carolina Ale House on Main Street in Greenville at about 1:30 a.m.
Two officers stopped Mangus when one of them noticed a wet spot near where he was standing, according to an incident report from the City of Greenville Police Department. Police said Mangus was leaning on a railing next to the street curb, facing the street, while urinating on the curb and roadway.
That's right, this is the guy who has been responsible for mentoring Stephen Garcia the past 3 years.......hard to find any more irony than that.

I love the "noticed a wet spot" phrase......perhaps Mangus could have told them he was just really excited to be in Greenville?

Now we've had our day in the sun as well, even with coaches (Neil Callaway) and Athletic Directors.  But their offseason has reminded me so much of our offseason in 2008, their guys have been in the news almost nonstop this year.  We had such high expectations in 2008, the team was getting love from everybody, and they started to believe in their own hype........and ultimately became a fixture on the local police blotters.  Two blowouts and a loss to the nerds later, we were all finally accepting how undisciplined the team had become.  I hope the USC fans are beginning to accept a similar feeling after September 10th.


***Update - Mangus has been suspended from all coaching duties "until this matter is resolved".  How much you wanna bet things get "resolved" in plenty of time for him to help prepare the QB's for their game against us?***

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