Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jarvis Jones Status

Good write-up by T. Kyle King on the Jarvis Jones situation, which is largely building off of the latest info put out there by Seth Emerson.  However, while I have absolutely no inside info whatever, and am purely speculating, I disagree with his comment that the NCAA will not use the pre-existing relationship as a mitigating factor:
"I really can’t see the Adams-Jones relationship being a mitigating factor; either the relationship was such that the benefits were not improper, and Jones is eligible, or the relationship did not prevent the benefits from being deemed improper, and that relationship has no impact on the length of the suspension. "
Given the recent actions by the NCAA, I see them using it as a cop-out.........ruling him ineligible for 4 games, but due to mitigating circumstances, reducing it to 2 games.  That decision would allow them to appease the critics who say the NCAA isn't enforcing the rules, but also appease the affected school's fan base by showing some level of mercy.  Again, I emphasize that this is purely my opinion, but I do agree with Mr. King that we likely will not see Jarvis on the field at the Dome on September 3rd.


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