Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magical Moments

Read DavetheDawg's comment on this article over at Dawg Sports, it's the first comment. It'll give you chills.

I have yet to experience a truly magical moment like that in person with the Dawgs (and I was 3 years old when "Run Lindsay, Run" happened, so I definitely wasn't there for that one). Granted I've seen big plays and big victories, but I can't say I've had one of those moments where I can brag forever and ever about having been there to see it live. Simple Man was there at Auburn for the Greene to Johnson miracle in 2002, and was also in Tennessee for the Hobnail Boot play in 2001. I think both of those plays qualify as magical moments for what they meant to the program.........that final drive that culminated with P44 Haynes is what got our players to believe in Richt and his "Finish the Drill" mentality, and the Auburn victory propelled us into our first SEC Championship Game (mind you, all of our previous SEC titles were won before the advent of the SECCG). I wish I'd been there to see them in person.

What magical moment have you been a witness to in person? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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LCUGA said...

Without question, the 2007 Blackout game vs. AU stands out for me. I have never experienced something like that before. The crowd became absolutely unhinged when we came out in our black jerseys as "Back in Black" blared over Sanford Stadium. There was no way we were losing that game.