Tuesday, July 26, 2011


“I’ve probably had a little less patience than I’ve had in the past,” Richt said, drawing applause. “If they’re not going to be a positive force, they need to go.”

Our head coach said this last night at another speaking engagement in Atlanta.

I FULLY support that statement. Would I had rather had Ealey & King and their knuckleheaded (about as family-friendly as I can get given my short leash by the Rev) selves as insurance/luxury as Crowell gets his feet wet? Well, only if they were producing on the field and weren't distractions off of it...which obviously wasn't the case. So, now we have the part-time LB, part-time RB, full-time fumbler Samuel as our "proven" back headed into the opener vs. Boise State. Yikes.

However, I'm actually more comfortable cheering for (or yelling at) guys that want to do it the right way, the Bulldog way. Hunker down, boys. Bulldog Nation is pulling for you. Hard.

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