Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Media Days Tidbits

Yikes.  The above pic is the rumored design of the uniforms UGA will be wearing from The Dark Overlords of the Pacific Northwest our wonderful sponsor, Nike, for the season opener.  For the love of Phil Knight though, please don't include a strip on the facemask..........I understand that we receive a lot of money from Nike, so I get why we're willing to play dress-up for one game, but I hope that part isn't accurate.  Though I understand why we're doing this, it's being met by a loud chorus of disapproval throughout Bulldawg nation..........this morning I thought friend-of-the-blog Reeder 3:16 was about ready to finally sign on as an author and permanently turn this site into a non-family friendly environment.  Hopefully the final design is better than the pic above though.

According to several tweets I've seen today, and confirmed here, Richard Samuel is (at least for now) the #1 tailback.  I think Richt is doing that out of a 2-fold is to try to boost Samuel's confidence, which has to be pretty low right now after being bounced around.  Two, I think we've all seen the rumors that Crowell has shown some tendencies of being a bit of a prima donna already.  So this may be Richt's subtle way of letting Crowell know that he hasn't arrived just yet.  However, as I texted my dad the other day, if Samuel really is our best hope at tailback, then we are in trouble.  Make no mistake about it, it's Crowell or bust at this point.   Hopefully Crowell gets his head on straight.........remember, he's a kid, and kids do stupid things and sometimes start out with less than desirable attitudes.  But that doesn't mean he won't turn that around.

I've also seen multiple comments from reporters on Twitter that Richt seems especially calm and confident, despite all the recent turmoil.  Well, at least that makes one of us.


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