Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wishing And Hoping And Thinking And Praying

Holy cow, it didn't fully hit me until reading LC's post yesterday, but FOOTBALL IS HERE, BABY!  I mean, I knew that the players reported on August 2nd with practice starting on the 3rd, but I somehow hadn't fully grasped that that is like 3 days away.  Now comes the part of the year that I love and dread.  I love it because we (the fans) finally start having some substance to talk about, instead of just speculation.  I dread it because each day when I go to check the practice notes, here is what I look like as the page loads:

As the title says, wishing & hoping & thinking & praying........for no major injuries.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I really look nothing like that guy.  He's far better looking and more stylish than me).  And never will that be more true than this year.  The kid has never even seen the field and we have no idea if he can play or not, but the announced shoulder surgery for Brandon Burrows was just one more hit in an already depleted area.    One or two key injuries in any of the OL, ILB, or TB positions and we will be staging our own version of the Vanderbilt student body tryouts that got so much press early this year.

Richt has a fine line to walk........last year it seemed like we didn't go hard enough in the preseason, and we came out very soft.  You love hearing about guys bringing the wood in practice, but then this spring, the number of concussions that were reported had me thinking that maybe the guys were hitting a little too hard.  When you have a limited amount of practice time, every rep is valuable (especially for the young guys), so you gotta figure out how to let the guys go full speed - without killing each other.  It's an unenviable task, but Richt has to figure it out.  In meantime, let's hope that good ol' Lady Luck smiles on us a little extra this year.


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