Monday, August 8, 2011

Best NFL Dawg

My 2nd Saturday in Denver included watching a free Broncos scrimmage in Invesco Field. And I'm very happy to report Dawg fans that there were as many 24's (Champ) and 27's (Knowshon) as there were 15's (baby Jesus) in the audience. Seeing Champ made me think about who the greatest Dawgs to ever play in the NFL were. Please note that I'm 34 and did not witness Charley Trippi or Frank Sinkwich so I'll leave them off my list.

My list does not weigh too heavy on Championships, more on a total career:

Just outside top 5 -
Herschel - much better pro career then people give him credit for. His numbers are still very impressive.
Jake Scott - great player but I have him just getting passed by a couple other defenders. It probably hurts him that he was a little before my time.

5) Terrell Davis - Probably would have been much higher on this list if his career wasn't cut short because of injury. I acknowledge his greatness but Denver was a blocking machine during his years there and they never had a problem getting yards for any RB that played.

4) Hines Ward - One of the most complete WR's to ever play in the NFL. His blocking is legendary and he's still managed to put up great receiving number despite always playing in a running system.

3) Richard Seymour - I'm sure most think I have him too high but I have to say that for a 5 year period, he was the best interior defensive lineman in the game. He has been a beast and although I haven't always loved his attitude in the league (seems to put his personal interest always above team), he made offenses scheme around him.

2) Champ Bailey - He'll go down as probably one of the top 5 greatest DB's to ever play the game. If not, he'll be mentioned with those names. He has lost a step but he also had a good window in the league where he was the best player at his position. Not many guys can ever say that.

1) Fran Tarkenton - Before my time but you can't argue with the man's numbers.

Looking at the talent on the '97, '98, and '99 teams, I can only shake my head in disgust that we couldn't even win an SEC title.

Well there's a quick list, please break it down for me. I'm a much bigger college fan than pro, so someone else's opinion may very well be more solid.

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