Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There's a reason we HAD to have Big John Jenkins. IMHO, he's every bit as critical to our success as Crowell. I remember that Saturday a.m. when he made his announcement that he was coming to us, I was pacing around the den like a nervous expectant father in the delivery room. For Grantham's 3-4 to truly succeed, we needed this guy (this was before Kwame Geathers blew up G Day all by his lonesome). We were in the pivotal 2nd year of the scheme and the comparisons to our D and Bama's title team anchored by Mount Cody were drool-worthy.
Enjoy this juicy nugget from yesterday's practice where the big fella intercepted a pass and rumbled 12 yards for a TD. If this happens against Boise State (or anyone for that matter) I will lead the charge of coming completely unglued.
We might have to give him his own theme music like the professional rasslers have. I nominate the Big Show's entrance theme for when he takes the field, Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance theme for when he sacks (or maims) a QB and Hulk Hogan's entrance theme for when/if he scores a TD. Why Hogan's? Tell me there wouldn't be rampant shirt-ripping among Bulldog Nation.

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