Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fallout From Miami Hits Athens

Orson Charles may be part of the collateral damage (h/t Tyler Dawgden) from the bombshell dropped in Miami yesterday.  On the surface, it doesn't appear that he did anything blatantly wrong, but anybody being associated with this investigation isn't a good thing.  With only 3 weeks between now and the season opener, it may be difficult to get an answer from the NCAA in time regarding eligibility issues, which could result in us having to sit him as a precaution.  Fortunately, tight end is where we have the greatest depth, but that doesn't mean you want to lose the best guy at that spot.  Here's hoping for a speedy resolution.


*Update* - the consensus seems to be that unless there is more to the story than has been reported, it's hard to see how Charles did anything that would jeopardize his eligibility.  I don't see why he would get into trouble for going to a guy's house and looking at long he didn't take one of those jerseys (or any other items) home with him.  But as long as there's nothing else to it, we should be good to go.

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