Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Frivolities

1 more week. Good God Almighty, it's almost here!

Remember to wear your red & black next Friday for College Colors Day.

How in the name of Zeus' butthole is Jordan Jefferson not suspended yet? Richt would have booted this kid to a Division II school in Delaware by now.

We're still relatively healthy heading into the opener and the good vibes are still flowing out of camp and onto our screens.

Much hate has been spewed at Nike over the unis, but it's just for one game. I can handle it for one game. While I was in Hibbett's last week perusing the lovely UGA attire, the referee-looking cashier (I thought only Foot Locker employees wore those?) asked me what I thought about them. I said, "They're OK for one game. It'll look good in HD." He said, "One game? I thought it was permanent!" Egads. Go work at the library, nerd.

Echoing what Rev put up earlier in the week, I have no idea whatsoever to expect from us, but I do know that starting 0-2 will be a full-blown disaster given how last season went and what we expect this season. I assume we could certainly rally back after an 0-2 start, but the team's psyche is what worries me.

Enough of the Debbie Downer portion of this post. We're going to start 2-0 and you haters are going to like it.

I have zero entertainment news to report other than to say I finished up what I hadn't seen of Swamp People and watched a couple of episodes of Billy the Exterminator on Netflix this week. Ballsy little goth-dressing fella, I must say. However, his aversion to killing poisonous snakes gives me pause. Those bastards need to die and die right damn now. He caught 2 water moccasins while removing a beaver from a culvert and put them in Target bags, only to release them in another lake 20 miles away. SMH.

I destroyed a baby snake in my back yard with a shovel 2 weeks ago like I caught him robbing my house.

I'll have my prediction for the game up next week that's going to entail why we need to win, but how a loss certainly won't kill us in the grand scheme of things.

Onward & upward.


Looks like I got things rolling in cajun country as Jordan Jefferson has been arrested & suspended (sadly, in that order).

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