Friday, August 26, 2011

Hoping It's Just A Precaution.......

Just saw this tweet from Radi over at

#UGA CB Branden Smith was stepped on returning a kick yesterday and was later seen on crutches. Word is today he is wearing a boot. #DawgsFri Aug 26 16:03:49 via web

I'm not freaking out yet, I know it's not uncommon for this to be done as a precaution, to assist in the healing process even though a boot isn't "necessary".  But if it really is a bad injury, this is an injury that impacts all three areas - defense, special teams, and offense - and it's rare for one injury to cause that much impact. We'll keep our fingers crossed until official news is released.


**Update - I went to Branden's Twitter feed, and saw this from this morning, before any news had broken:

I'm trying a new feature that allows embedded tweets, but the timestamps are coming through a little screwy.  Branden's tweet was from about 7:30 this morning, Radi's was from a couple of hours ago.  Anyway, if he was just waking up from having had a serious injury the day before, gotta think his tweet would be less on the sunny side.  So I'm going to take that as evidence that this is not a major injury, but we shall see.

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