Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Go Time

Nice write-up by Chip Towers here and here on the changes and new (or perhaps old?) approach that have been taken with the Strength & Conditioning program under Coach T.  Here's a nice quote from Brandon Boykin referencing the old school approach:
“It’s amazing how people’s bodies have transformed and how people are getting into shape. One time I was running around the track with Aron White and Arthur Lynch. Arthur probably weighs 150 pounds more than me and he was only a couple of steps behind me. The shape he’s gotten into is amazing. Every day we’re running around the track, doing speed drills, running hills, tires, sleds, everything you can think of. We’re doing it all and you can tell the difference.”
Running hills, tires, using the sleds.............yep, that is definitely old school, and would make Izzy Mandelbaum proud.  I do have some concerns that perhaps Joe T. may go a little TOO old school though, but the results on the field will be the final judge.  One thing I very much appreciate is Coach T.'s reluctance to release much information, as all UGA fans have tired of having sunshine blown up our hindquarters the past few years with off-the-charts strength & speed numbers in the offseason, but no corresponding results during the season..  He seems to very much have a "let the results speak for themselves" approach, which is a nice change. But Towers did a nice job of getting info from other inside sources, and both articles are good reads. 

Now that the Strength & Conditioning program is winding down, and preseason practices are about to begin, I'll be curious to see if we get any quotes from the coaches on noticeable differences in the team's fitness.  I also wonder if once we finally get on the field in September, it just ends up having been just more of the same hype.  I sure hope not.


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