Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NCAA like bad parents

We've discussed the NCAA and violations a few times on the blog before, which begs the question, will this ever get better?

IMO, the punishments are not fitting the crimes. The NCAA is a complete joke in most fans' eyes and they are not helping themselves with very inconsistent rulings. They take way too long to investigate and usually the wrong people have to face the punishment.

By now, everyone has seen Yahoo's report on The U..gly and more information may be coming out about our friends on the plains regarding a "Bagman".

Until college football becomes like the NFL and institutes a salary cap or starts really punishing schools, boosters won't stop and schools will continue to look the other way. Remember when the USC sanctions came down, everyone was shocked at how bad they were. Are you kidding me, a few scholarships and no post season for a few years doesn't seem like the true spanking they needed. OSU should get way more and still waiting to see what the final decisions will be, but not impressed so far. And if half of the Miami stuff out there is true, it should be a graded 10 year penalty with immediate severity. These penalties should turn these schools into historically bad teams like periods Duke, Northwestern, Kansas State, New Mexico State have gone through.

I have no bias towards USC, OSU, UNC, or Miami (leaving out Auburn, because I do toward them) but they are not getting what they "deserve". The NCAA is like the UN giving sanctions and sanctions and a stern warning to countries committing terrible human rights violations, sometimes you need to drop the hammer on a big boy to send a real message. I'm not talking death penalty, but cut scholarships to 50, cut money, no TV, no postseason for 5 years. Conferences should start cutting them out of shared revenue if you are found guilty. Hit them in the pocket so hard that schools have no choice but to start taking this seriously. I wish we could be talking about actual football games 3 weeks before the season instead of this.

-simple thoughts from a SimpleMan

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