Monday, August 8, 2011


I'll give a more thorough outlook on the team and the season as we approach kickoff vs. Boise State, but as I was thinking about how I view the team right now and how I wanted to put it into words, I stopped over at Bernie's Dawg Blog (really good stuff and part of my morning reading) and found that he's looking at things the exact same way I am, so allow me to copy & paste:

"There were a few weeks there that I thought the roof was caving in a bit,
like when we were suddenly down to two scholarship backs and realized the
offensive line depth is reliant on some freshmen. But I think those things are
working themselves out.
I don't mean that to read that I think we're already world beaters. No I'm simply referring to my state of mind. The offense is going
to be fine. There's plenty of talent there, just as there is on the defensive
side of the ball. What will make or break this season is our attitude. And I'm
not just talking about the team. The Dawg Nation is in waters that have been
charted before, but it's been awhile since the boat has been this unsteady.We
need to proceed with caution. We all need to be excited with a win, but not so
much so that we help create another atmosphere of entitlement. Beating top ten
Boise would be spectacular. But it would still just be one plugged hole on a
ship that has many structural flaws. It won't be until
that we can take a full scale assessment of the program as a
whole.So slow down a bit. Don't suck the energy from other fans. But also be
mindful that you don't just blow it around haphazardly. Tempered enthusiasm not
only gets you on the bus but also assures you are ready for a season's worth of
60 minute football games, just as we hope the football team is. For better or
worse...and whether it's sooner or later...once the ship is done pitching and
rolling, it's a lot easier to drink the Kool-Aid again."

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