Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Chip Tower's Q&A today with Thomas Davis had me thinking, what has happened to our playmakers. I remember having All-Americans every year on Defense. Sean Jones (who I still think was our best safety ever), Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, of course Pollack, Charles Grant, etc.

Looking back on our most recent successful years, it's been the defense that's carried us. Under CMR, we've kind of always been a conservative offense. I'm not saying that we can win games only scoring 6 points (USC/UCF) but I think our turnaround will have to be lead by the defensive side of the ball.

When was the last time you watched a game just knowing that we were guaranteed to see one of our guys lay someone out. The only thing I knew would happen each game the last 2 seasons was an opponent's WR would somehow find himself alone by 20 yards.

Let's hope this 3-4 switch finally pays off this year.

As a final thought, I just moved to Denver from Tampa and I must say that it really sucks that we lost to that terrible Colorado team last year. The only places it seems I can be safe are either Nashville or back in Atlanta.

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