Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rambo Looks To Be Suspended

I wanted each of our predictions to have at least a full day to be at the top of the list for blog posts, so I'm actually typing this Monday night, with a scheduled posting time of Tuesday night, so forgive me if some of the info is outdated by the time this posts.  As I speculated last week, it appears that Rambo has been suspended.  Richt is still playing coy, but it's clearly obvious:

  1. Rambo is the only major player who has not been available to the media
  2. He has yet to be seen practicing with the #1 unit.  Even if he had been passed on the depth chart, he'd still be getting some reps there.
  3. When asked last week who would be the next corner in if Branden Smith couldn't go, Richt's answer was Damian Swann........if Rambo was available, then Rambo would slide into a safety spot, and Sanders Commings would be the next CB on the field.  But if Rambo is not available, that keeps Commings at safety, which makes sense as to why Swann would be the next CB on the field.
  4. When Carlton Thomas' suspension was announced, Richt was asked straight up if there were any other suspensions, and his answer was something along the lines "We don't have anything to announce - right now" instead of "No, there is currently nobody else suspended".
  5. If Rambo wasn't suspended, then Richt would say he's not suspended, instead of "No, I'm not gonna address that. At the appropriate time if anybody has anything like that I'll let you know, though."
What's most impressive is that they've kept it under wraps for this long.  I'm not sure what the logic is behind keeping it a secret, but they've done a good job of it.  I have a lot of confidence in the remaining starters at safety, but I sure hope they're fit enough to play an entire game.  Marc Deas has gotten absolutely no hype this preseason, so I can't see him helping a lot.  And the rest of the guys are true freshmen.  Against a QB like Kellen Moore, we're not in the ideal situation.  


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