Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simple Predictions

I guess it's my turn to give my "expert" predictions. And by expert, I mean just another Schmo that loves college football.

Here's more than LC and less than the Rev (actually give a prediction and seriously Rev, the Sun Belt and the MAC?)

ACC - FSU finally gets it done and finishes the season with 2 losses.

Big East - I agree with Rev, Da Bulls. I just moved from Tampa and am a big Holtz fan.

Big 10ish - Wisconsin beats Nebraska at home during the regular season but Nebraska wins the rematch in the first ever Big 10 title game. BTW, those are the worst conference divisional names ever.

Big 12ish - Can't see anyone other than OU winning this one. The Big 12 has been the most top heavy league in the past 10 years of any BCS conference. You can argue for the Pac 10 and USC or Big 10 and OSU but I still think the Big 12 takes it.

12 Pac (sounds better)- All the off field distractions finally get to Oregon (Tiger has weakened the Nike brand and Oregon will pay.....yes I know we are also Nike but more like Anthony Kim). Stanford beats Oregon (another shot from Tiger) at home and goes on to win the title.

SEC - With everything else going on at the other schools, it's hard not to put Bama and SC in this game. Have to agree with Rev again, Bama wins their 1,000th SEC title.

Can't even think about the National Title game right now, I think this is going to be one of those seasons where we have a large group of 1 loss teams.

Now for the Boise game. I posted my keys to the game last week and really hope I'm wrong, but IF I had to put money on the game, it would be against us. This game comes down to experience, when they came into our house years ago, they hadn't played in many big time games and it showed. The highlight of the entire game to me was Hawkins halftime interview. "Did you watch the first half"

This Boise team HAS played in big games though and proven they won't be overwhelmed. I don't think we can score with them and I don't know if we can win a close game yet. We are relying on a lot of young players and are very thin on the O-line.

Please note that every game there's always a large part of me that thinks we'll have one of those games when we go crazy (LSU, UT, Tech, Hawaii, Arkansas) and just blow doors but I can't put us down for 41-7 wins every week.

Boise 21-13

Like LC, I will be "okay" with a loss if we at least look like things are heading in the right direction. A loss used to make me angry from Saturday night until the next game but we get older and our perspective changes.....right?

As for the season, I put us at 8-4. We can win every single game we play but we can lose almost every one as well. The differences between us, Boise, SC, UF, Miss St, Tech, and Auburn is a coin-flip as of today. Add in UK, Vandy, UT, and Ole Miss and you really have a lot of games that can go either way. We are no longer in a position to just throw 11 guys out there and win because our talent is better.

I have a long storied history of being wrong, so let's all toast to that trend continuing.

Side Note: Denver now has a Mellow Mushroom and the local bulldawg club meets there for games. Since this blog is worldwide, I wanted to put that out there in case any of our faithful readers are in the area.

Thursday's Game Poker Chip: Miss St doesn't cover the 27.5 at Memphis


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