Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twas The Night Before College Football Season

If you're anything like me, a year only has two seasons..........there's college football season, and there's the offseason, that's it.  And as I'm typing this, we are only 24 hours away from the most wonderful 4 months of the year.  UNLV vs Wisconsin (ESPN) and Miss St. vs Memphis (Sports South, at least here in South Carolina) will tee it up at 8pm EST Thursday night, bringing joy to college football fans around the globe.  TCU vs Baylor  (ESPN) and Mich St vs Youngstown St (Big Ten Network) continue the festivities on Friday.  Then, on Saturday, the game we've all been waiting for.................LSU vs Oregon at 8pm on ABC.  Wait, what's that you say?  OHHHHHH that's right, UGA has a game then too.  Suffice it to say that I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Obviously I'm on record as predicting a UGA loss on Saturday night.  But man, I'm still wrestling with how I really feel about this game.  It is essentially a battle between heart and mind.  My heart says that this is the dawning of a new era for Coach Richt, and we're going to come out and play some lights out innovations on offense, a nasty attitude on defense, and young talent stepping to the plate and knocking it out of the park.

Then my mind says............"Seriously?"  I remember the fact that once Richt abandoned the no-huddle offense, the words "UGA's offense" and "innovative" have never belonged in the same sentence.......unless, of course, that sentence was "UGA's offense is not innovative".  I remember how many times I've sat there dumbfounded the past few years watching our defense play like they never watched any game film of the opponent leading up to that game.  I remember wondering why I had gone to all the effort to show up for the game, when the team clearly did not.  In short, I just remember that sick feeling of utter disappointment in my gut too many times recently.  I don't know if it's a defensive mechanism that I just don't want to let my hopes get up too high for this game or what, but I just can't escape the feeling that we're not going to win on Saturday.  Though I do agree to an extent with LC and SimpleMan that maybe how we play is more important than whether we win or lose as far as boosting confidence for the following week against the 'Cocks.

Of course, once I get a couple of drinks in me at an as-yet-to-be-established location in Downtown Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, all of my analysis will go out the window and I will be 100% certain that we are not only going to win, we are going to destroy BSU so badly that they're going to just give up on D-1 football and go back to being a JUCO.  I hope LC, SimpleMan, and Reeder 3:16 have updated their texting plans, because I will likely be blowing up their phones with proclamations of grandeur - for both the Dawgs and myself.  I can be quite entertaining.

On a different note, I'm fascinated by the Bacarri Rambo saga.  I get what Tyler Dawgden is saying, but I can't help but spend hours the past couple of days obsessing over what is going on.  Up until yesterday, I was certain that he had been suspended for the first game, and Richt just hadn't announced it yet.  But the longer this drags on, I just don't know anymore.  It's not Richt's style to play coy like this, and it's not like Rambo is a superstar player that teams have to scheme around to make it worth keeping the other team guessing.  I just don't get it.  Maybe Grantham has some things up his sleeves --- I can see how running some sets with 3 safeties on the field, moving Rambo closer to the line of scrimmage where he can make plays without having his pass coverage skills in the deep secondary exposed, would be good against a team like BSU who likes to attack you all over the field.  It would get more speed up front, and you could use Rambo to spy on the TE's or the RB's on the underneath routes.  But then again, maybe he really is suspended and we won't see him at all.  It's just odd either way........I'm not sure what there is to gain by playing so coy with the media.  Again, it's not like his presence - or lack thereof - is going to change Boise's game plan.

Anyway, it's football season, baby.  Let the good times roll.


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