Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aggies and the SEC

So here's my take on the SEC expansion for you all to discuss. I've read and heard a lot of different teams mentioned to become the 14th (assuming A&M is in fact coming).

The rumors I've heard/read are:
  • that it won't go to 16 because that's too much money to ask for via an increase to the tv deals. In order to add 3 more teams, I think I heard the number would be another 80 million per year of needed revenue or everyone's share will get smaller and we know that's not going to happen.
  • the SEC doesn't want to be the reason the Big 12 gets disbanded, so they won't go after Missouri
  • Clemson, FSU, Tech provide the SEC nothing it doesn't already have and in-state SEC schools would veto
  • Va Tech is a good bet with the DC market and location
  • a crazy one here, but make it 16, adding Duke and UNC to give the SEC an obviously much stronger basketball conference and add the Raleigh, NC area (and probably the rest of the state)

This is all about money and not getting left behind.....but mostly about money. Funny how it's about adding TV markets but not about how the smaller sports will actually have to travel further and miss more class. Sorry no links because I don't have the time to go back and remember where I've read and heard most of this.

If it does end up being a team on the east coast, that makes the divisions stay pretty much the same but if they end up going further west, my guess is Auburn comes over to the East. Which doesn't have a huge impact on us since we already play them every year but it does now require everyone else in the east to play them.

Rev made a very good point last week about how if the league expands, it would actually make the divisions play out a little more evenly.

Please post who you'd like to see and who you think it will actually be. I would love to see Notre Dame because that would be awesome, but I'll put money on Va Tech.


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