Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bizarro Dawgs Preview

I agree w/ what Rev said about the game in that it will likely be close throughout. Not that LSU is an explosive offensive team, but if they didn't pull away from them early, I don't know if we will, either.

Having said that, we need to avoid mental clusterforks like we had in the South Carolina loss (dammit, it still stings...and stinks) if this thing is still close in the 4th.

Also, we need to hope that Walsh has been relieved of the voodoo curse laid upon him. Good Lord, multiple misses like last week are going to cost us big time down the road.

I'm very eager to see how we respond to their offense and the runs to the outside. They don't have anyone remotely as good as Lattimore, so I don't expect us to get shredded out there.

Bottom line: we have more talent, but that doesn't always result in a win. I'm hoping to see us play hard on both sides of the ball and feel quite confident that if we do, we'll own the state of Mississippi and move on to conquer the state of Tennessee as well.

This is going to be a slobber knocker and much more challenging than our last 2 games. I'll be there loud and proud (although not as loud early as I'm not having Jack Daniel's for breakfast) and hope that Sanford Stadium will be rocking.

UGA 27

MS State 17

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