Friday, September 2, 2011

Bobo Back Upstairs

Seth uncovered a little nugget today that Bobo is moving back up to the booth.  I like this move.  I understood why he moved down to the field when he did in 2009, trying to give the team a spark.  The team was struggling, and Bobo felt that being on the field would help him reconnect with and re-energize the players.  Then with Murray being such a young QB last year, I think Bobo felt like it would help him mentor the young QB better by being right with him on the sideline, especially with no veteran QB's on the roster to provide the mentoring.

But Murray is a veteran now, and doesn't need someone in his ear all the time anymore.  And Bobo even said at the time that being in the booth gives him a better feel of what the defense is doing.  Hopefully getting back up into the booth will help Bobo see a little better what is and isn't working.....and focus his playcalling on the former rather than the latter.


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