Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boise In-Games notes (some post game)

Bottom Line - The better team won.

I blogged some keys to the game about a week ago and we didn't hit too many of them.
I'll let Rev break it down more tomorrow or Monday but here's my closing thoughts:
  • Not enough pressure on Moore, he picked us apart. We didn't jam the receivers and they seemed to be open anytime they needed it. I would have rather lost going after Moore, even if that means getting burned on bigger plays.
  • The stats weren't horrible but I really thought Murray made some really bad decisions. Took some horrible sacks. I hope our offense looked bad because Boise's defense is really good. Just like last year, the running game HAS to get better. Take out the 80 yard run by Boykin and the stats suck.
  • I don't think we should have run no huddle on them, I think we should have tried to dink and dunk them like they did us and burn some clock. There's no way we win this game trying to shoot it out with them. Their QB has a lot more experience and will make better decisions.
  • They made better in game adjustments
  • They dominated the field position and I mean dominated
  • We can't complain about injuries because they lost 3 keys players due to eligibility this week. I just hope they aren't serious enough and cause more games to be missed (us, not them).
I could break this thing down 100 ways but there will be plenty of that to read the next few days. As we all knew, the game against USC is so much more important. Our hearts may have told us we could go undefeated but our heads have to tell us that even the SEC east is gonna be a stretch, but at least realistic.

10:21 -
just missed really long FG because Murray took terrible sack on 3rd down. False start penalty killed the drive on a 1st and 10 just past midfield. About done posting. I wish I didn't care so much about the games but I really just can't see us pulling this one out, they are the better team. We have the better athletes but they have the better team. Hope I'll be eating these words later....

10:00 -
Olgetree and OL Gates out for game. Samuel looks to have some cramps.

9:37 -
Halftime - 14-7 Boise Murray throws int right back to them around midfield and they drive for a TD. Questionable call on 3rd and short. 20 yard out with Crowell in backfield providing protection, which didn't happen and led to Murray getting hit during throw. 2 big things on D, we are not getting pressure on Moore and we are not jamming the WR's at all, letting them run free. Those 2 things can't continue. Boise gets ball to start 2nd half.
Also, LSU just scored to go up on Oregon right before half. USF beat Notre

9:22 -
Smith just got int from Moore because of great blitz pressure. Maybe coaches are reading the blog :) have to totally agree with our buddy Andy on the sideline calls. Can't stand it when a team has to look over for checks.

End of 1st, 7-7
- offense is looking a little better but took a great play from Marlon to keep drive alive. Both teams running some no huddle which I'm not a fan of, but if it works, I really don't care. Alec Olgetree is out for now, not sure for how long (ankle, I think)

- Boise ties it up. Defense gave Moore way too much time on that drive. He's too good to let him stand back there. Win or lose, we have to put pressure on him. Game is tied but they are outplaying us. We have one big play and are badly losing the field position battle.
Oregon 6 - LSU 3, LSU struggling on offense
Braves 1 - Dodgers 1 in 6th

- just past half way through 1st quarter. One great offensive play gives up a TD lead. Boykin on offense took on 80 yards.

- Offense looks terrible, Defense looks good.....they all look bad in those uni's. Hate that we have to call a TO anytime we see a "different" look (specifically on the punt). Why are we always wasting TO's throughout a game in bad situations.

UGA slipping everywhere. First in game adjustment should be the spikes. Rev 8:27pm

8:20 - UGA got ball first. First Drive = 3 penalties, -10 yards

You are stuck with me today since the other 2 authoggers are attending the game. From the texts I'm getting, I'm not sure both of them will actually make it in (gurgs). I'll be posting some updates with possibly a few notes.

How about that Auburn game!!!! We all knew they wouldn't be last year's War Tigers, but that was pretty shocking. At the end of the day, they got the win, but how can you be an Auburn fan?....................and be happy with that showing. I see fans cheering at the end of the game like they just beat Oregon again.

USF is looking good at half against Notre and Minnesota is giving USC more trouble than expected. I knew Baylor's offense was good, but no one could have expected them to put up that much offense on a Patterson defense.


***Rev breaking in here - just got in the Dome, it's electric in here. IT'S GAMETIME, BABY! 7:33 PM

Dad got here before me, said they've boo'd BSU three times already. Uniforms look as expected. Don't really care. BSU fans in the CNN Center were all really cool........don't really care. Time to show them who is boss. Rev - 7:42 PM

Atmosphere is just like '02 SECCG. If we get a big early turnover or special teams play, the Dome will explode. Rev - 8:04 pm

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Dammit I hate the hut hut then look to the sidelines offense. Come on Murray. Can't you handle some reads on your own.