Friday, September 16, 2011

Coastal Carolina Thoughts

Honestly, there's only so much analysis you can do going into a game like this.  Your main thought is that you just don't want to be the next Michigan or Virginia Tech, a big name getting shocked by an FCS school.  If that happens, have mercy on this staff, it's gonna get real ugly, real fast.  But here's just a few thoughts.

  • What I Hope to Happen - a 30+ point margin at halftime, Murray and Crowell on the bench for the 2nd half, and outside of Crowell, lots of playing time in the 2nd half for whatever freshmen the coaches plan on using this year.
  • What I Think Will Happen - face it, the team is coming off of a huge emotional letdown, and I think there's a chance we come out pretty flat, and let Coastal hang around (14 - 17 pt margin) until the mid part of the third quarter before putting them away.
  • What I Don't Want To See - Branden Smith on offense.  It always amazes me how teams tend to reach into their bag of tricks when playing these "cupcake" games.  If you think you've got a really good play or plays up your sleeve, why in the world would you show them against a team you should beat handily no matter what?  Then, your future opponents know what to look for.  Right now whatever packages they have for Smith are somewhat of a mystery, I see no point in showing any of it to future opponents on Saturday.
  • What I Want To See - a focused effort that puts the game away early.  If a lot of youngsters play, there will be mistakes, but focus and intensity as a whole would be nice to see.
LC will have his Friday Frivolities up later, and I'm sure he'll have a few thoughts on the game as well.  As always, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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