Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coastal Prediction - A No Win, Win

In keeping with the long storied history of this blog, here's my prediction for this game:

UGA - 52
CC - 17

I'll let others break down the game with analysis. IMO, there's nothing to be gained and not much to learn from this game. If we win big and everything looks great, you should. If you win a sloppy ugly game, nothing has been corrected. If an earthquake knocks down the Arch and we lose, all hell will break loose. If that does happen, all we'll have to do is go in the other locker room to find our next coach.

BTW, this guy was on Atlanta's 790 the zone yesterday morning and he thinks this Georgia team is a top 10 team. He's an entertaining guy for sure.

My only question for the game is should I watch. I know you die hards out there will question my fandom and loyalty.

[Resume: graduated 1998, have UGA slippers, sandals, shorts, jackets, shirts, pictures, clocks, cups, and even a pair of UGA shoes.....not just red shoes but actual printed UGA shoes, pretty much didn't miss a home game for about 15 years and went to some road and bowl games over that period. I think the only 3 home games I did miss over that time were for weddings and I wasn't happy about any of them. My older sister's (LSU), best friend's (Vandy), and even Rev's (I think another Vandy?). ]

Hopefully life has given you perspective and you don't let a bunch of 19 year-olds determine how your day/night/week will go. Don't get me wrong, I'll still lose my mind when we make stupid mistakes and my emotions still roll like the north Georgia mountains (6 gap for any bikers on here...Reeder 3:16 is big time). The only difference now is that I get over losses as quickly as it appears the players and coaches have over the last few years (cheap shot). I once thought I'd never miss a game but am learning how to do it and somehow still be a fan. Plus I know my other cohorts on here will give me all the highlights I need.

Options are:
A) Mellow Mushroom downtown Denver to watch the game or
B) Go up to the mountains and get some hiking in........let's see what happens.

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