Monday, September 5, 2011


Every fan base has their 3 groups of fans: delusional, grounded and casual. The first 2 have their own extremes, but the delusional ones can really go off into left field sometimes.

I was browsing my friends' Facebook posts yesterday and really got a kick out of how the AU fans were lapping up their win like they themselves had just beat the #5 team in the country and how we got embarrassed. Puh-leeze.

Some UT fans were flabbergasted at how our fans were filing out of the Dome before the game was over.

Other ones talked about how we're washed up, can't face facts, etc.

The showing we put on Saturday night did absolutely nothing to put any fear in the Gamecocks. None whatsoever. I've heard some theories that we didn't want to show all of our cards. Bullpoo. If that is indeed true, I'm very disappointed.

Look, I consider myself a grounded fan. I enter every year with cautious optimism and this season was no different. My disappointment stems from how we looked and (as it's been covered really well here by Rev) how the coaches failed to adjust and take what was given to us.

I'm not going into all that again, but here's what I am saying: the talent is there. It's been there for years and it's ample this year.

I've all but lost faith in Bobo (no need to go into detail as of why), but my man crush on Grantham will be at the boiling of a bunny stage if we don't look a lot better this Saturday.

I don't feel that it's too much to expect for us to look a lot better than we did vs. Boise. Our OL was bitch-slapped all night long, at that's putting it mildly. Jenkins & Geathers took a dump on all the pre-season love they were given. The S&C program gave us cramps.

Unless every Dawg was taken to the College of Veterinary Medicine on campus and underwent a certain procedure that removes dangling objects, I full well expect every player AND coach to show more balls. That's right. Big. Balls.

You owe it to us and you owe it to yourselves. If we just aren't capable of getting the job done, that's one thing. I just don't buy it.

I'll have my SC game expectations up later this week.

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