Monday, September 5, 2011

A Few More Thoughts

Ok dude, time to back up the words coming out of that mouth.

I referenced in my recap that the luster of Grantham's hiring has now worn off for me.  I had a lot of other things to say though, and I planned to come back and expand on it a little more in a subsequent post.  However, Socrates has saved me the trouble over at Leather Helmet Blog.  The same idea was apparently knocking around in his head, and he went to the effort of pulling up all the quotes that had gotten us so excited. His statement summarizes my feelings perfectly:
The honeymoon is over he has had now 14 games to show us the improvement he promised, and it better happen this week, because this game is the most important SEC game we play this season.
Well said, Socrates.

Of course, it's not like the defense is the only area that better show improvement this week.  I've tried to find our practice schedule (unsuccessfully so far), but I wonder how much impact all this rain will have on us getting work in on full field outdoors.  We need all the practice we can get right now.

The Senator addressed one of the elephants in the room regarding moving Samuel to RB in light of Ogletree's injury.  I didn't like the move at the time it was announced, addressing it more than once, and nothing from Saturday night changed my mind.  Granted, the offensive line didn't create any holes, but Crowell was still able to get 4 yards a carry, while Samuel powered to a whopping 1.7 yards per carry average.  And on the one good play he had, a 19 yard reception, of course he fumbled the ball at the end.  We were fortunate that he was along the sideline when it happened so the ball went out of bounds and we maintained possession, but was just one more reason for me to doubt him as an SEC tailback.  If that's the kind of production we're going to get from him, then he definitely would have helped us more at linebacker at this point.

In case you can't tell, I'm trying to get as much negativity out of my system as possible this morning.  After today, I plan to try to be a bit more upbeat going into the South Carolina game.  Not that I'm going to act like everything is fine, but will try to provide at least some level of objective analysis.  There is something to be said for the view stated by some that Boise State was ranked #5 in the country for a reason, and we just got outworked by a better team.  I feel that this view overlooks A LOT on our side, but I also understand the point that is being made.  I mean, Virginia Tech started the year 0-2 last year, including a loss to James Madison, an FCS school who ended up being pretty average even by FCS standards last year (lost 5 games at the FCS level).  If we feel this way after getting beat by a top 5 team, imagine how the Hokie fan base felt after losing to James Madison last year to go to 0-2?  But they turned it around and reeled off 11 straight victories including the ACC Title, before losing to to a red-hot Stanford team in the Orange Bowl.  So as much as I was ready to just throw in the towel Saturday night.........and most of yesterday........the reality is that there is a lot of football yet to be played.  We'll each be putting up our Keys to the Game and what we hope to see from the team later in the week for our battle against the Gamecocks.  I suspect much of what we say will look a lot like what all 3 of us said last week, as those things sure didn't materialize Saturday night.  Enjoy your holiday, folks, and feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments section below.


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