Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Frivolities

"Shoobie doobie doo, we got the 0-2 blues..."
Good thing Coastal Carolina and their batsh*t crazy coach are coming to town for a little scrimmage game.

As for the game. Just win. Win big. Look good winning. Don't look sloppy. Don't break any feet. Don't look lethargic. Just. Get. It. Done.

Fall TV had some premieres this week (finally!). One of my favorite shows, Parenthood, didn't skip a beat in it's return...and makes me really dread some of the aspects of the teenage years with my daughter (she's 6 now, thank God).

The raunchfest Always Sunny in Philadelphia came roaring back last night. There is no gray area w/ that show; you either love it or hate it. I love it. Really LOL funny stuff on there and some things that just can't be repeated in a public setting.

The pilot Up All Night looked promising and took me back to the newborn years and the joy of fighting a child that does not want their diaper changed and me being alarmed at their leg strength.

I won't be at the game this weekend due to some other commitments that, quite frankly, weren't worth wadding up my Dri-fit undies over, but I will be intently watching UT @ UF to see what they're both made of after 2 cupcake openers. Speaking of, are any of you Dawg fans pissed off and tired of hearing other fans of teams (Tech is an example) crowing about being 2-0, yet they played 2 warmup games? Hell, even Auburn is still excited about finding a way to win vs. the powerhouse Utah State. I'll just leave that one alone...for now.

Back to the UT/UF game, I'm very interested to see what Bray can do vs. the Gator D (which admittedly looks pretty solid) and give us a nice preview of both teams in their first tests of the season.

I will in no way whatsoever be saying GO VOLS, but I will be saying DON'T GO GATORS.


Onward & upward.

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