Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If Missouri Becomes # 14

Here is the latest on WVU, per Brett McMurphy of CBS:

Multiple Big East sources said they have been told by WVU officials that WVU rejected by ACC & SEC
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If this is true (and who know if it is) then that leaves Missouri as far as "rumored" candidates.  It wouldn't shock me if #14 actually ends up being a school nobody expects, but just for giggles, let's look at how adding Mizzou would impact things from an annual rival standpoint.

If Missouri gets added, and if the SEC stays at 14 for awhile, then logic dictates that either Auburn or Bama will have to move to the East.  If (notice I keep using "if", because who knows what is really going to happen) the SEC still keeps the concept of having an annual cross division rival, then either UGA or Bama will lose a big rivalry game.  You have to assume that no matter what, Auburn and Bama would be each other's cross division rival, it's hard to imagine anything otherwise.  So if Auburn comes to the East, that would mean 'Bama would have to give up the Vols as an annual opponent.  If Bama comes to the East, then that would do away with UGA-Auburn as an annual game.  Then who becomes UGA's annual rival?  One of the new schools?  Either way, there will be a lot of moaning and groaning.

I guess the other possibility is that the SEC does away with the cross division rivalry games altogether, and everybody just goes on a rotation with everyone else in the other division.  But then I think there would be even more moaning and groaning with that.

I guess I'm saying all that to say this...........I hope the SEC has a plan, and that the plan includes a school that fits into the East, so all the current schools can stay in place.  Also, I'm glad I'm not the guy who has to figure all this out.


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