Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking Back & Ahead

Well, we're 2-2 with varying opinions on how we looked and how we feel about the team going forward. Rev violated the 10th Commandment (thou shalt not envy thy neighbor) by comparing our handling of lowly Ole Miss vs. how the Gators handled lowly UK (more on that in a minute...or more depending on how slow you read). To be fair, tho, I violated the same commandment when I saw Alabama go for it on 4th down early in the 1st qtr vs. Arky and turn it into a 40 yard score. Sigh.

But, I digress. Here's what I took away from the Ole Miss game:

  • Yes, we were playing an inferior opponent, but I loved our D. They've really played well for us this year and I'm very eager to see how we handle MS State's spread O this week.

  • If Walsh nails those 3 FGs (somewhat gimmies for him), we win 36-13. But, he didn't and we better be glad we were playing who we were playing and it didn't come back to bite us in the ass.

  • 3rd & Bobo is as frustrating to watch as it ever was. I wonder how many DCs mumble to themselves, "This is too easy."

  • Crowell is a stud. Please w/ a cherry on top stay healthy.

  • I bought some milk yesterday a.m. and John Jenkins' picture was on the back. C'mon, big fella. Time to live up to some of that hype.

This week's game features the first game of the critical month of Octubre. This is what I feel is the swing month as far as Richt's future. 4-0 has us roaring into November (where the Cocks, if they haven't lost 1 or 2 yet, have 2 potential losses w/ Arky & UF on the docket) hopefully still in the thick of the SEC East race. I don't view UT & Vandy as potential losses, per se, but winning those 2 and losing the 2 bookend games won't do any wonders for Richt or our fanbase. We're in for a dogfight (ba dum dum) this Saturday and better be ready.

As for the Gators, their brutal gauntlet begins this week (Bama, @ LSU, @ AU, then off before our game) and I'm not completely sold on their 4-0 start simply because of who they've faced. Yes, they look to be in sync and the D, especially their front 7, looks stout, but if UT is the best team they've beaten, well, I'll just sit back and see how they look in the next 3.

We should be able to put points on the board vs. the Bizarro Dawgs, but our depleted depth at LB concerns me with that 3 play offense of theirs (although Robinson is rumored to return this week). This should be a slobber knocker and provide a better barometer as to where we are.

I'd like to see us win by at least 14, but I expect it to be something closer.

How do you readers feel at this point in time?

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