Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Coming Down

I feel exactly the same way I did yesterday: If we play like that the rest of the way, we'll be in the thick of the East race until the end.
However, if we keep losing LBs to broken feet, we'll be up poo creek without a paddle.

The worst of the schedule (as of today) is over. The next 2 games are imminently winnable. MS State is going to be a slugfest and our defensive guys on the outside better be ready after watching Lattimore shred us out there (given, he's damn good and MS St. doesn't have anyone remotely as good as him).
We're going to get a very good look at what UT & UF are made of this Saturday.

As for Richt, the seat is still as warm as the Honduras rumors, but he should be safe for another 2 weeks unless disaster strikes.

Anyone else on the ledge or do you at least feel a bit better?

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