Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Turn

As a famous (in his own mind) rapper once said, "let me clear my throat".

This might get a little chippy.

Pat Dye was on the Paul Finebaum show (where assholes collide!) this week and was asked whether or not we could beat South Carolina. He said, and I quote, "Hell no. I don't know what's going on over at UGA. They're having trouble running the ball."

I do not believe we can beat the Cocks. I don't believe it only if last week's game is an indicator of how our OL can't block for our TBs (against a smaller DL, to boot; one more horror note: SC's DL ain't small), I don't like our chances of putting points on the board & eating up some clock.

I don't like our chances given either Bobo's playcalling or our offensive execution. Way too many 3 & outs and drops last week.

I don't like our chances of our D getting the job done due to the aforementioned offensive woes.

Now, let's say that last week was a shock back to reality. A shock to the players that they have to do more than eat better and work out harder. A shock to the coaches that they have more work to do than they thought. A shock to Bulldog Nation that we just might be staring a pivotal point in the football program right square in the eye: one more crap performance and we could be looking at Coach Richt's swan song (more on that later).

Above all else, it's nut check time.

Here are my keys to the game:

  • Can our DL man up and stop the best rusher we'll see all year? We certainly have the girth, but a lot of good that did us last week!

  • Can we overcome the loss of Ogletree? We aren't exactly deep back there anymore.

  • Can our OL open up some holes for Samuel & Crowell?

  • Can Tavarres King catch as well as he tweets?

  • Will Bobo stick with what is working (if anything works at all)?

  • Will Grantham adjust and close off the gaping hole that is the middle of the field?

In sum, last weeks' games showed me that SC is beatable, but we don't look like we're up to it. Just like I said before the Boise game, I want to see improvement and something showing toughness. We didn't see it. If we lose this game, but look eons better, I can live with that. If we get blown out and/or look like we did last week, Bulldog Nation is going to become a very ugly place.

I hope I'm wrong.

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