Monday, September 26, 2011

Ole Miss 2 cents

The other guys did a good job breaking down this past weekend's game and I just wanted to add my pennies to the wishing well. I know some of these things have come up in the comments already but this is what I had in my head right after the game. Starting tomorrow, I'll look forward to the other Mississippi.

  • We won a road, SEC game
  • Defense played well against a terrible offense
  • Offense was balanced, moved the ball, and didn't put the defense in bad spots with awful turnovers
  • No matter the outcome, I was very happy to see our offense and coaches actually go for points at the end of the first half. Execution was bad but I like the attitude (brief as it was).
  • All 3 RBs had some great moments and no fumbles
  • Red zone offense - of our 3 tds, 2 were helped with penalties and one was the long play to White. I have no confidence that our offense can convert tough 3rd downs and finish drives like we need to. Yes we didn't spend a lot of time in the red zone but I consider getting down inside the 35 the same mindset.
  • Clock management - this has been a gripe of mine for a while. Why is the defense calling TO's because they are confused about something and why is the offense calling TO's on 3rd and 12 to only come out with a draw play. There's 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and we burn a TO on 3rd and 12 on our own 30. How you don't already know that it's a draw or screen pass is beyond me but just take the freaking 5 yards and run the same thing from 3rd and 17. We're only up by 11 and might actually need that TO later in the game. Maybe if you have some great new play ready to execute, then yes, but otherwise, take the penalty. It didn't hurt us this time but it might down the road.
  • NO KILLER INSTINCT - this is by far by biggest take away from the game. We still do not have the ability to put a team away. It's very frustrating looking up at the score and the clock and thinking, just one more score and this thing is over, but knowing that there's no way it'll happen. We had the whole 3rd to 4th quarter break to think about and plan for a 4th and 1 on their 30 and we decide on a 48 yard FG try to take the lead from a 2 possession game to a 2 possession game. Not gonna mention what we did on 3rd and long the play before. Here's a fun activity, go read the play by play and look at everything we did on 3rd and long throughout the entire game. It's innovative stuff.

Watching a lot of football as we all do, it's hard to understand how we aren't at least copying a few different looks on the offensive side. I know it's personnel, scheme, and blah blah blah but when you watch other teams easily convert a 4th down or score on a 2 pt conversion with what seems like a "go to" play that's so different from what they normally do and make it look so easy, you have to wonder why don't we have one (or a handful) of those. I see the Patriots create settings with 3 TE's because it's a strength or teams spreading 5 out wide, wheel routes, versions of options, I mean someone was the first to use the wildcat. UF used to run that play where the TE pulls into the middle of the line and takes the pitch like a shovel pass. When was the last time we ran something where you said, WOW, that was pretty cool. I mean that old great play action we used to do on 3rd/4th and short, where the QB would hide the ball and go for the bomb was nice to see the one time a year we did it but there has to be something else in the bag O tricks. If not, steal someone else's bag. It would be great to see something that made you wonder what in the world was a good way.

Final 2 thoughts:
  1. The reverse on the punt return was a good call but we had a couple of guys around midfield that had opportunities to make the tackle and went after the guy about as hard as I did sitting in a restaurant booth 1,200 miles away. If I was a coach, I would be going off on those 2 guys during a video review this week. I watched it at home 10 times and was disgusted at the effort. They looked like Deion dodging running backs.
  2. Lastly, how did we seriously lose to South Carolina at home. Son of A, that game still burns knowing how we literally handed them the game. I hate losing on stupid mistakes. I can handle getting beat by a better team but not a loss like that. (slap myself) Focus forward, focus forward

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