Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ole Miss prediction

Week 4 prediction against the Rebels.....that's right, the Rebels. They'll always be Rebels to me.

Based on everything we've seen this season, this should be an easy win. I mean Vegas has us giving 10 pts, which is a lot considering this is an early game on the road in the SEC. I would love to see us:
  • not shoot ourselves in the foot with disastrous turnovers
  • really control the clock
  • get some sacks and turnovers on defense
  • put them in a lot of 2nd/3rd and longs
  • have less than 5 negative offensive plays (not counting penalties)
These are not keys to the game for me, I think we can win even if we don't do many of these things, but this is what I'll be looking for.

Part of me wants a full on blow out but another smaller part of me wants the guys to experience winning a close game again and have that feeling which seems to have left us recently (Arkansas, Colorado, UF, UCF, USC, etc...) We haven't won a game by less than 7 points since the 2009 Ga Tech game. I won't be upset with a blow out, I'm just saying there could be something gained with a close win.

I used to complain about ugly wins, but I make this promise to you right now, I'll take a 3-2, 50-49, or anything in between and walk away happy. Beggars can't be choosers and I will honestly take any W, no matter how it looks. Sure, I hope we look methodical and dominate in all phases but will not be apologizing for a last second goal line stand or missed Ole Miss extra point if that's what it takes.

I say we get off to a slow start but the defense keeps us in the game early and we pull away late in the fourth.

UGA 34
Rebs 13


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