Monday, September 5, 2011

One More Negative Post

I meant to address this in my earlier post, but forgot.  I promise to be more positive after this least until I see what we look like on Saturday.

What in the world did Richt hope to accomplish by keeping Bacarri Rambo's suspension such a secret, and especially by playing coy the whole time once the cat had basically been let out of the bag?  One of Richt's greatest strengths from the beginning has been his Public Relations skills.  The fans loved him, the media loved him, you couldn't find anybody to say one cross thing about the man.  But that is really starting to fall apart.  He was much more short and testy with both fans ("I know what the hell I'm doing, ok?") and media this offseason.  Then, despite being directly asked by members of the media numerous times last week, he refused to ever give an answer on Rambo's status, then laughed about it once he revealed it after the game as if he had just pulled off one of the great capers of all time.

I'm not knocking Rambo, he is a solid player and I'm happy he is on our team.  But as I stated last week, he is not a gamechanger that is going to alter the opponent's schemes depending on whether he is or isn't on the field.  Surely nobody thought that Chris Petersen was coming into the game with Plan A if Rambo took the field and Plan B if he didn't.  So again, what exactly was Richt trying to do?  The only thing he's done is piss off the media guys covering the team - it was evident from the writeups by the AJC guys and even by Seth, who said the whole thing came off as inappropriate, which I'm guessing was an understatement of his true feelings.  If you're winning, you can afford to do and say whatever you want to the media.  But when you are in Richt's situation, the last thing you need to do is completely pointless things that do nothing but aggravate the writers.  They are only going to fuel the part of the (ever growing) fan base that is lining up against you.

I have tried to give Richt every possible benefit of the doubt.  But it's almost getting to the point where he's doing things to intentionally try to remove all doubt about his ultimate fate.  I just don't know where his head is at right now.

Ok, no more negative posts from me this week, though I can't swear that my cohorts here won't have some additional thoughts.


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