Saturday, September 10, 2011

S. Carolina in-game notes

Immediate emotional final thoughts - We lost, We suck, I'm done.
You can't give up 4 non-offensive TDs and win a game (1 was left for offense on the 5 so I'm counting that as a non-offensive). Basically the offense looks great when they weren't turning it over, too bad that happened 3 times and all 3 were absolute disasters. Defense played okay but still couldn't make the big play at the end of the game when they needed to. A stop when we're up 35-31 would have been nice but how many of us thought it'd happen. We lost this game in the 1st quarter IMO. Had a chance to be up 21-0 or at least a lot more than 6-0. If we go up by 2 scores or more, we don't know what happens because Garcia was off early and Lattimore kept them in the game. They never had to go away from the run because we didn't put that gap between us that we should have. How do you score 42 points in a regulation game and lose. I take absolutely no moral victories from this game, bottom line is that an ugly win is better than any "good" loss.

Yes it was better than Boise St but that's just not good enough for me. I don't care who you want to blame (the coaches, Murray, the offensive line, the defense, maybe nobody) and it really doesn't matter, at the end of the day, we lost a game that we really needed to win. You have to win home divisional games. Offensive line pass protection was crap at times but Murray still can't make some of those decisions. You have to know when to take a sack or throw it away.

It's never a good sign when people start talking about the last time something bad has happened. Last time SC beat us in back to back years, last time we had back to back losing records, last time this, last time that. It means you aren't where you should be and you aren't heading in the right direction either.

It's one thing to lose a game when you get outplayed by a better team, but it sucks when you lose a game where you outplayed your opponent at home. Maybe we can be Va Tech from last year and make a great run but this team has to learn how to win these games like the early Richt teams did. I'm a dawg for life, but this just ain't fun.

Final UGA 42 - USC 45 -
Story of game - Offense was jekyll and hyde, Murray gave up fumble for another SC TD, then takes us back down for a TD. We don't get on-side kick and that's it.

3:28, UGA 35 - SC 38 -
can't stop all. We only need a FG to tie and SC is out of timeouts. Let's see what we're made of. My guess is they don't kick to Boykin this time.

6:28, UGA 35 - SC 31 -
good drive set up by great kick return from Boykin (he could have housed it if he'd taken the kicker to the sideline). Crowell is having a great game, living up to the hype. LETS GO D!!!!!

8:32, SON OF A....UGA 28 - SC 31 -
SC went away from Lattimore which helped the defense stop them. Rambo had a pick in his hands on 3rd and long and couldn't hold on. First kick of career by their guy and 49 yards away, no doubt. Perfect kick to put them on top.

break in action -
I'm calling for a turnover on this drive or maybe a blocked FG. We used to be the team that got breaks and today's game (so far) proves that we are no longer that team.

12:45, UGA 28 - SC 28 -
great drive and comeback for Murray. He goes 8-8 for 85 yards and the TD. Defense is now getting diced by the SC running game. They are driving right back down.

47 seconds later, UGA 20 - SC 28 -
one holding penalty and another bad decision by Murray, pick 6. There is actually good turnovers but we are having very very very bad ones. After controlling most of the game, we are now 1 play away from getting blown out.

2:39 in 3rd, UGA 20 - SC 21 -
well we stopped them on a great 3 and out deep in their end, got the ball in great field position, started moving it......then fumbled. And again, not just the fumble but a fumble return all the way to our 5. They score. This is a very bad sign that we are outplaying them and still losing. Fake punt TD and this one. The football gods seem to be against us today.

6:09 left in 3rd, UGA 20 - SC 14 -
Traded 1st possessions, then we took one down on a nice drive for the go ahead TD set up by nice punt return by Smith. Crowell screen pass, using him on a few short passes is working well. WR having a couple more bad drops.

Halftime, UGA 13 - 14 -
SC faked punt for not just a first down but a touch down around midfield. I'll let you decide if that's on the coaches or players but either way, we got smoked on it. Murray still not looking sharp at all. Bottom line is we were outplaying them and couldn't take advantage and now SC has it's legs and is playing us even or a little better. We have to gain momentum back when we get the ball starting the second half. Coaches have to get the offense ready.

A play call to win -
just went for on-side kick and recovered but they called us for offsides, which we were by about a quarter of a yard.

2:53 left in half, UGA 13 - SC 7 -
Field position battle gave SC a TD. They punted us deep and a bad offensive series gave them the ball around midfield. On a 3rd a long, Garcia rolled out, had about 30 minutes and found Jeffery in the endzone. We came back on next position and drove the ball down via the run but used a pass on 3rd and 6 from the 26 to take the lead back.

Couple minutes into 2nd quarter, UGA 6 - SC 0 -
Just missed a short FG. 2 possessions inside the 20 and one to the 21 yard line = 6 pts. Just had a 4th and 2 and elected to kick again. Looks a lot like we're playing not to lose. Out playing them by a lot right now but not even up by a TD, it's not setting up well.

3:09 left in 1st quarter, UGA 6 - SC 0 -
Crowell looking very good. Both teams seem to be running the ball okay and both are trying passes when running seems to be working. Rambo picked Garcia on SC third possesion, lead to another FG from FG U. Murray and Garcia look terrible right now, Garcia is getting time though. *Side note - 3 kickoffs and 3 touch backs, I love it.

Half way through 1st quarter
, UGA 3 - SC 0 - Each team has had 2 positions (SC first). Garcia not looking sharp just let and defense holding up okay for now. Offensive line run blocking looking much better than last week but pass protection not good so far. Our second position results in 3.

Well at least we don't have a woman announcing our game yet (that's really when you know you're irrelevant), j/k to all our lady readers. East Carolina is playing Va Tech tough right now, so maybe last week against SC was legit. Bad news for us. Auburn pulled out another one. I'm sure they'll get better as the year goes on, the question is will we. One thing I really noticed about Auburn was how aggressive the are. Miss St scored with very little time in the first half and Auburn was aggressive on final possession, they trusted the players and got a FG to end the half. I just don't see us doing that. I was actually going to bring up the fact last week that we do not finish first halves well at all. That's an area we really need to improve on.

Me again. Once again, everyone else is at the game. You should get Rev most of the rest of the season.


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